Rabu, 19 September 2012


Yeay! Finally i passed my final project. It's like, time so fast. My final project title is "Potential Analysis of Jragung River Overflow at Railway Bridge Segment Tegowanu-Gubug".

Honestly, my final project ran so hard. At the beginning of the process, i had very very drop condition. At first (when 'it' happened) i just dont believe that my final project could be finished on time (my target is July). After so many many advices and prayers, finally problems gone one by one. Alhamdulillah.. :')

You know what, i've lost my control. But, lucky me. I have many friends that always support me any time, and of course my family. They always asking my condition, support me everyday and pray for me every second. Im so blessed. Thank you guys.

Behind the tragedy, there's so many 'message's. One of the crutial is my final project. Eventhough i've been thinking that i cant do that, but one you must believe. God's way. Maybe i can called it "the power of prayer". At first i just thought that, this problem is too hard for me, why me? Why now? When you think that you never can do that, you just limit your self. Open your self, and keep praying and trying. Because, you never know your hidden power. When you always keep trying, you will find your hidden power. And you will say that im more than who i am. And of course, you will proud to your self :)

That's all my behind the scene of my final project. I want to share my picts on my graduation day. July, 14th.

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